Promise To Remember Me

Representative Ralph Regula (R-16)


Stark State College of Technology, Canton, OH

 On April 12, 2002, Donna and Stephanie Treubig, Kim, Dave and Josh Koren, Marcy, Dougle and Tristan Hankins met for 30 minutes with Congressman Ralph Regula in Canton, Ohio. The meeting started with Stephanie Treubig thanking Representative Regula for all his support of diabetes research. She explained how she has to test at least 5 times a day and receives 3 shots a day. Stephanie was wearing her JDRF Walk tee shirt that has 93 red ribbons attached to it symbolizing how many shots she gets each month. Stephanie gave him a picture of herself from her web site that charts all of her advocacy activities, public speaking and fund raising activities along with a teddy bear and asked him to remember her when he is making allocation decisions for funding to find a cure for diabetes. Congressman Regula asked Josh Koren how he tests and if he has to carry his test kit to school. Josh showed the Congressman his tester and Kim Koren explained that they have to carry it everywhere they go. Joshís parents explained how difficult it is to maintain good control for Josh. Representative Regula telephoned his aid in the DC office to get an update on the progress of the insulin inhaler as a replacement for injections after Dave Koren asked if he had any information. Kim and Dave explained that other people donít understand how hard it is to take care of a diabetic child. Dave works 2 jobs so that Kim can stay home to take care of Josh. Tristanís parents explained to Congressman Regula that Tristan was diagnosed when he was 18 months old. It is hard for Tristan to understand why he has to be different than the other kids. Dougle Hankins told Congressman Regula about their diabetes fund raising activities and asked about the progress of stem cell research. Congressman Regula was very optimistic about the possibility of the children with diabetes today benefiting from a cure in the near future. He discussed some of the latest breakthroughs in research and is committed to continued and increased funding for the National Institutes of Health and the Centers For Disease Control in the area of diabetes research. Congressman Regula discussed his role as the chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee for the Departments of Health and Human Services and Education. He said he is very interested in finding a cure for diabetes as well as other childhood chronic illnesses.


Representative Regula was at Stark State College moderating a forum on terrorism sponsored by high school students in the area. After the PTRM meeting Representative Regula invited the diabetic children into the auditorium and introduced them to the high school students. He explained to the group what diabetes is and the steps they as young people can take to avoid becoming diabetic. He also told them the key to avoiding diabetes is to get enough exercise and to eat healthy. Representative Regula invited Stephanie Treubig to the stage to tell the high school students what it is like having diabetes.