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          “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”                                                                                                - Eleanor Roosevelt

Hi, welcome to my web page about diabetes. My name is Stephanie (my initials are SET get it, SET For a Cure!). I am 18 years old and getting ready to go to college. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes on August 14, 2000, it seems like so long ago. That was the worst day of my life. I wasn't happy when I found out that I had to have shots for the rest of my life and poke my fingers all the time. I was scared and felt bad but now I know it is what I need to do so I am moving on with my life. I have been busy with lots of activities since then. I give PowerPoint presentations to help raise awareness and I was selected to represent Ohio at the 2003 JDRF Unite to Cure Diabetes/Children's Congress. Click here to read what I did while in Washington DC and see pictures of Children's Congress 2003. I have also been working hard as Youth Ambassador for JDRF. I have been a camper at Camp Ho Mita Koda (a summer camp for kids with diabetes) for 8 years but for the last 2 years I had the opportunity to be a counselor. I always look forward to going back to camp! In November 2002 I received my insulin pump. I have really loved being on the pump. You can click here to find out more about it. I am working hard to help raise money for diabetes research and education. I need your help by either sponsoring me, joining TEAM STEPHANIE'S STEAMERS in the Walk to Cure Diabetes or participating in the events yourself.   I have links to resources that have a lot of useful information about diabetes and my favorites. I also do a lot of fun things like horseback ridding swimming, softball and I have 2 PUPPIES one named Chester and one named Rusty. Look Here to see me on the JDRF Kids Online web page.  Look HERE to see me on the Children With Diabetes Web Page!  Click on each year below and to the left to see what I have done over the years. If you were just diagnosed or have lived with diabetes for a long time I hope you find something interesting on my web page! I am Ready and SET for a Cure! 

2011 Team Stephanie's Steamers Walk to Cure Diabetes

2010 Team Stephanie's Steamers Walk to Cure Diabetes

2009 Team Stephanie's Steamers Walk to Cure Diabetes

2006 Team Stephanie's Steamers Walk to Cure Diabetes

2005 Team Stephanie's Steamers Walk to Cure Diabetes

2004 Team Stephanie's Steamers Walk to Cure Diabetes

2003 Team Stephanie Walk to Cure Diabetes

2002 Team Stephanie Walk to Cure Diabetes


Rev. Ray's 2004 Bike Across America

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JDRF Children's Congress- Read my story and see pictures here!

2003-04 Promise to Remember Me Campaign

Be an Organ Donor and Save Lives


Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 

JDRF Kids Online

Buy Christmas Cards and Support JDRF!

Camp Ho Mita Koda

Children With Diabetes

National Diabetes Education Program: NEW! Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed:     A Guide for School Personnel

American Diabetes Association   

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